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Day and Night enamel pendant

Day and Night enamel pendant


This reversible pendant features cloud-like abstract patterns that can be interpreted as the sky, sea or even the moon. One side is black, the other side is white which makes it perfect for any mood!

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The Night and Day pendant are truly unique – made entirely by hand each pattern is individual and cannot be repeated. Whether you see cloud formations, tree bark, starry sky or the surface of the moon this one is for the dreamer in you.

Enamelled double-sided disc, set by hand in Argentium silver on an Argentium silver chain (various lengths available on request). Argentium silver is made with a slightly higher content of pure silver and added element of germanium which makes the pieces are hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant. This means you can wear them even if you’re allergic to traditional sterling silver. They will also stay bright and shiny for much longer than regular silver jewellery. Try the simple elegance and test Argentium’s unique properties for yourself!

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Pendant- 1.15in, chain – 18in


Argentium silver, enamel


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