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I’m the designer and maker behind jewellery brand, MonaPink. I believe in the beauty of the asymmetrical, skilful craftsmanship and responsible design.

Are you a busy person? Does today seem shorter than yesterday? Do you juggle between post-it notes, to-do lists and calendar reminders? There is so little time, so much to do! And if you looked around, you’d be surprised to see all the ugly, disposable objects you’ve surrounded yourself with. How did this happen?

I believe we live in a beautiful world, but we often forget this as we rush through the day. I also believe we all have the power to live a beautiful life. That’s why I create pieces that give you this power, serving as timeless reminders of the beauty in the world and our own lives.

Wearing them every day will immerse you in delicate beauty, create space in your mind, remind you of that special moment or bring a smile on a hectic day. I draw my inspiration from flowing shapes of Art Nouveau and enamelling helps me create joyfully colourful pieces to brighten up your day.

My designs are often asymmetrical, which means you can subtly rock that quirky look at work and after hours. The mix and match concept makes it easy for you to create an individual look in a couple of clicks. I’m a trained silversmith which guarantees I work to a high professional standard.

My jewellery is hallmarked by the Assay Office so you can trust it is made of genuine precious metal and meets all the legal requirements. You can also rest assured my pieces won’t cost the Earth as I’m a Fairtrade Foundation registered jeweller and use responsibly sourced metals and nature-friendly processes and products in my studio.

Like you I’m a busy person, juggling many things at once. However, I wholeheartedly believe that as long as you remember to see the beauty, you will live a beautiful life.



I cannot compliment the jeweller or the ring high enough. The process was as efficient as it was fun. It was fast, collaborate and easy. The ring itself was everything I had hoped and exactly what we had agreed. I recommend this jewellery designer unreservedly, and cannot wait to have the next item made!

Matthew Carbines


Gorgeous craftsmanship, exactly what I was after and an absolute pleasure to do business with its creator too. Can't recommend highly enough.

Simon Brandon


It's beautiful! This is exactly what I wanted. Thank you xx

Kaori Nishimura


Thank you MonaPink!! You captured the essence of my (..somewhat unusual) request and made it real. Amazing - couldn't be happier. 🙂

Natasha Da Costa

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