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Backless earrings (sold individually)

Backless earrings (sold individually)


Perfect for jet setters and go-getters these backless earrings thread through your ear so that the circle comes out securely at the back. No more lost earrings or earring stoppers and they’re flat at the back so you can actually sleep in them.

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This design is minimal yet impressively effective. Simply thread the earring through your ear until the circle comes out at the back and voila! Job done. The earring will stay in place and because it’s flat at the back it’s super comfortable to sleep in. No more lost earrings or securing them with butterflies – just thread and go!

The little earring pin-heads can have different designs – we currently stock ball shapes and faceted heads, but there is no limit to imagination, they can be little hearts, circles, squares, you name it! Come up with your own unique design and get in touch with us so that we can make you a pair or two!

Made from Argentium silver, containing the slightly higher content of pure silver and added element of germanium, the pieces are hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant. This means you can wear them even if you’re allergic to traditional sterling silver. They will also stay bright and shiny for much longer than regular silver jewellery. You can buy as few or as many as you need as they’re sold individually – no more worries what to do if you misplace one, you can always re-order a single one. Try the simple elegance and test Argentium’s unique properties for yourself!

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Ball – 2.6mm, circle at the back – 12mm


Argentium silver


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