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Neve – Joy – hoop earring


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This is a delicate, lightweight snowflake earring with subtle detail.


She speaks tales of snow gently falling on the trees, forming fluffy pillows on the branches. It is so quiet you can almost hear them fall. Pale winter sun reluctantly comes through the clouds making the snow glisten beautifully.


Joy hoop earrings are inspired by nature’s ephemeral wonder and has been transformed into your forever keepsake by using latest technology to design and centuries-old techniques to produce. The result is special and the best of both worlds!


Detailed spec:

This listing is for one pair (two earrings). Ready to ship in 1-2 working days.

Snowflake: 12mm in diameter, solid Argentium silver

Hoop: approximately 20mm in diameter, solid Argentium silver

Additional information


Snowflake – 12mm in diameter, hoop approximately 20mm in diameter


Argentium silver


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